Software Testing Services

The IT Software testing services have become the fundamental interest for all the enterprises. In Globaly, the dynamic business model and the continually changing innovation scene with the development of difficult technologies, for example, cloud, versatility and online networking have had significant effect that has required a modification in methodology, strategy and delivery of software testing Services.
Primiyo Corporation has specialized software-testing services that are built in custom procedures, framework, industry and advance straight solutions toward test applications created utilizing advanced technology and off the rack product implementations and additionally customizations. Our software-testing program includes specific services and solutions that ensure quality business.
Being a Software testing company, we offer a complete suite of software testing services that spans across consulting, functional, robotization, execution and specific testing. We have worked for several offshore clients who are in differing fields as E-trade, Education division, Hospitality Management, Hotel administration, ERP, CRM and more.
Our test procedure structure, which is an after effect of differing observed information, gives lead measurements and basic indicators. That result can assist us to make a proactive choice and schedule some effective early course correction for the software. These procedures can consequently bring about the specific results like:

  • Reducing the defects that affect business utilization of the application
  • Provide stability for application for production basis
  • Significantly enhance the Quality of the software also.

Our software testing services enable us to provide innovative solutions to our Clients. We have the ability to solve all your issues related to the testing concerns.

Here are some challenges that we face:

  • According to the dynamically developed business environment, we have to construct a vigorous testing system which organizes quality, expense and execution
  • According to client's requirement, we need to improve certainty in costs and risks
  • We guarantee that our software testing services deliver tangible results

Software testing program has the ability to affect the business in reducing the chances of downtime and increase the performance around the marketplace. The businesses are increasingly opting for off the rack items and are modifying them to interface with existing IT application hence, there is no place of bugs or error in it.

Business Value
  • We, the software testing service provider help you to achieve strategic objectives.
  • We can enhance the quality, reliability and performance of your IT systems
  • In terms of performance, our services can enhance your business and furnish it for processing more Speedier dynamically
  • We assure your business value and keep in mind about the reduction in software testing cost
Our Offering as an essential Software testing company includes
  • We provide the clear test organization structure and accountabilities for your business
  • We use the suitable Process framework for your business, which can fully complete your needs for functionality, automation, performance, specialized testing
  • We actually have the re-usable framework for quick adoption for both commercial and open source tools
  • We have 3 strategies to go on for testing. The Consistent processes - standards, methods and approach methodologies

We align our measures and metrics to our Client's needs. We have the tool builders and the early adopters for your business. Our service providers are actually the innovator and service-oriented. We consolidate business area aptitude, Test control magnificence, and Tools/Platforms competency.
Primiyo Corporation is one of the best in the industry as the IT software testing service provider. Our offering delivers a unique combination of quality and cost effectiveness. We bring together steady advantage, method, procedure and management to convey an inventive solution that exceeds the clients' expected desires.