Mobile Application Development

Primiyo Corporation has made a stride towards Mobile App Development Services with creative thought. Since the beginning of the Smartphone, organizations have sufficiently make use of applications to take their business to new statures. Custom mobile app development help in setting up associations between clients as well as with employees.

Mobile app development service is actually a procedure and methodology included in making programming for small and remote processing gadget. We have constantly given best in class administration in mobile app development outsourcing services until now. We have developed the application with most perceptive group that has been designing and creating element rich Mobile apps for quite a long time.

The Operating system platforms on which we works:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Symbian OS
  • BlackBerry

We have the most insightful, capable and tech-knowledgeable mobile app developers. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of significant framework, platforms or method utilized for mobile app development services. With a group of devoted engineers, designers, and creative specialists, we can furnish on-interest ability to help you meet difficulties, tight deadlines and guarantees to the market successfully.

Our methodologies or strategies are intended to help brands to pick up excellence. We transform random application thoughts into steaming income. We esteem the force of a smooth two-way connection. Impart your thoughts to our Mobile app development services for SMEs. We will tune in, aide and take your business-yearnings where you need them.

Mobile App Designing

Mobile app designing is critical and crucial for making a successful application. Your biggest challenge is to use your creativity and design an application that would stand in a market so effectively that user will not get attracted towards other application.

Mobile app designing is extremely specific because of the screen size and always-developing devices and OS frameworks for Smartphone and tablets and now wearable. Mobile app design s not an errand that ought to be left for a web designer.

Prototyping : First Create brilliant way screens as a model that must be Interactive for clients and user feedback. There should be some validated plans before development phases begin.

User Experience Design : You need to develop wireframes of the screen features for creating Mobile app flow. Transitions of the design screen should be there for proper functions

Visual Design : For introduction of a brand in market place, you need to create a Graphic screen design incorporating brand voice and guidelines. That design will be Comprehensive screen layouts for developers for which they will start to develop programming.

We have already offered many Mobile app development services on variant platforms. The applications developed are portable, compatible, and totally based on the technology required for client's project. We have practical experience in versatile mobile games and developed the services in the game -porting like Puzzle game, betting game, card game, racing game, vocabulary game, board game etc.

We have delivered successful Mobile app development services in these specific areas:
  • ERP apps
  • E-commerce portals
  • Educational
  • Utility
  • Gaming
  • Maps
  • Social networking
  • GPS Based mobile apps

Our expertise follows the best development methodologies so that our Client will lose any opportunities that will; enhance their business. We have the understanding that every client has its own prospective, objectives for their business to keep them at the top level with the competency of the market, and they definitely cannot compromise on any quality features.

Our experienced development teams consider the following parameters while making an application:

Feasibility : Our specialists take care about the main objective of the Client's application and Plan an application outline according to their aspects. They just take the thoughts and ideas from the Clients additionally while making a work in progress of the custom application.

Methodology : Giving consistency to the application over numerous Platforms is actually important as the methods and the toolkit varies while developing cross-multiple platforms.

API Management : To increase the functionality of the application, our developers manage the API Through taking care of strict strategy relating to utilization of parts across the platforms. Components of application through various platforms

Security : Security is actually important for any Mobile devices, particularly they are easy to get hacked. Encryption devices and the capacity to wipe information remotely are important to be in application.

User Experience : We guarantee that the application process quickly, is not difficult to utilize and is visually appealing. The fundamental capacity of any custom application is to give a good experience to the user than the other website and make their own place through replacing it.

Testing : The last phase of custom application advancement includes broad testing of the considerable number of components while keeping a tab on the security of end user. The procedure of coding, planning and designing is a tough task as small error in the application can change the whole purpose of the project. The versatile Mobile app testing is in this manner has an essential impact of taking care of the bugs and mistakes through the quality check. Access times are likewise considered in the course of Mobile app testing.

Our testing services include:
  • For Mobile app testing, we have Expert Quality Analysis team to fulfill all the requirements of the associated project
  • Developers test the bugs and errors during the project development process
  • Execution of testing segments to investigate basic errors and troubleshoot them
  • Online testing flow to resolve all the issue which can get difficulties for clients
  • Case studies and determination of the SRS System to magnify the project clarity
  • Hosting and network concern check to make sure actual online help of application in terms of guarantee quality procedure
  • Rectifications of client's doubt through changes in quality check process.