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Primiyo leadership team



Thusitha Madurawala

Founder,Chairman,and Chief Executive Officer

Thusitha Madurawala, Chairman and CEO founded Primiyo Corporation in 2013. As the Chairman and CEO Madurawala is leading for the company operations, as well as the companys' product and technology strategy. Madurawala Educated at the prestigious Royal college, Colombo-07 and he earned a Bachelors' Degree with 1st class Honors in physics and computer science and a Masters' Degree in Nano science and Nano technology from University of Peradeniya. Madurawala delivers lectures on a wide area of topics including "matter and radiations" "Electronics", "Nano technology", "quantam physics", "super computers", "super conducter", "logic gates", "Electronics devices" in physics and computer science. Another area of interest for Madurawala is Artifical Inteligant and Relativity. "His great ambition is construct a Artifical Neurons similer to the Natural Neurons in a laboratory and also he contributes his time and brain to achives this task."

Sandamali Madurawala

Chief Operating Officer

Sandamali Yashodara Madurawala is the chief operating officer of Marketing, Sales and Operations. She is professionally qualified as a lawyer from Sri Lanka Law College and also practicing as a lawyer in Supreme Court of Sri Lanka court of Appeal, High court, District court etc. Sandamali is a great specialist with vast experience in Marketing, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, etc. She could be reached at any time by her E-mail

P. Wasantha

Chief Financial Officer

Wasntha was the former Deputy Land Commissioner of Land Commissioner General's Department of Sri Lanka. She is a Grade 1 SLAS (Sri Lanka Administrative Service) Officer. Mrs. Wasantha is the Chief Financial Officer, Director of Administrations and HR and she is responsible for overall Human Resource, Operations and Administration related functions at Primiyo Corporation. She has over 30 years work experience in Administration & HR.

Chandrika Silva

General Counsel

Chandrika is the General Councel of Legal Affairs at Primiyo Corporation. She works on the General in house Legal work, reviewing and drafting agreements and other legal documentation and also assists the Business Development Team particularly with the partnership work. She graduated as a Lawyer from Sri Lanka Law College. She is a Qualified Company Secretary and a Notary Public, and also practicing as a lawyer in Supreme Court of Sri Lanka court of appeal, High court, District court etc.

Kasun Gunarathne

Chief Technology Officer

Kasun is the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering at Primiyo Corporation.As Chief Technology Officer, Kasun is responsible for long term technology direction and overseeing our technical architecture. He was previously VP of Application Development, where he led various teams, including mobile and web apps, design, search, relevance, and advertising and he Studied at Trinity College – Kandy.

Laknesh Perera

Chief Product Officer

Laknesh is responsible for Primiyo Corporation’s Product Management, Design, and Marketing functions globally. He leads the Primiyo analytics team and also senior vice president of Hardware Engineering. Earlier, he spent Three years at Crest Computer as a software engineer and technical lead. He studied at Bandaranayake College–Gampaha.