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With the evolutions in technology we have evolved from website to mobile and web applications. Many people who are part of this digital revolution do not know what web applications are. So here we would discuss about benefits and would know what actually web based applications are.
A web application is a client server software that runs in a web browser. A web application uses a website as the interface between user and the data and can be connected to any desktop through internet. These things sound similar to a website, but the difference between those two is; a web application provides more user interaction than a website. For example: an Ecommerce website, Google docs etc.
There are many advantages of web applications over desktops applications some of them are:
Cost Effective Development
Users of web based applications access the system via a uniform environment i.e. the web browser. In case of a normal desktop based application we need to test it for the all operating system and needs to be developed accordingly; whereas web applications need testing of different web browsers and can be developed on a single operating system. Web apps do not need to be developed and tested on all possible operating system with different configurations. This makes development and troubleshooting of the app much easier and the apps that are developed in flash, their testing and troubleshooting is much easier.
Accessible Anywhere
Unlike other desktops applications, web applications have a special advantage of getting accessed from anywhere. A web application can be accessed from anywhere via PC with an internet connection.
Accessible on all Devices
Where a desktop application usage limits it to only be used on a desktop, web application can be accessed on all devices. Customization in presentation in only needed and web apps allow interaction from Tablets, mobile phones etc.
Easy to Maintain and Install
When there is an up gradation or new software is rolling out it can be accessed straight away. There is no need of installing and upgrading it on different PC. Users just have use up to date browsers and plugins and since the upgrades are only performed to single server, the results are more predictable and reliable.

Easy to Increase the Workload
It’s easy to increase the speed and workload of a web application. For example if the number of user have increase from 100 to 10K, and you need to increase the processor capacity it can easily done by upgrading the server hardware. Capacity of web application can be increased by “cluster” or making it run on several servers. One of the best example of a web application is Google. Google runs on thousand of inexpensive Linux servers at different locations. If a server fails it can easily replaced by another without affecting the overall performance of the application.
Web applications are developed on dedicated servers that are maintained and monitored by server administrators due to which monitoring is far easier than desktop applications. Whereas in case of desktop applications; we need to monitor hundreds or even thousands of client computers.
These were several benefits of web applications over desktop applications. If you want to develop a web application for your business you can opt the web development services of Primiyo Corporation and we’ll help to make your business grow.


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